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8 Secrets to Losing Belly Fat

Tummy Recipe 1: Drink honey water to help defecate   Among the many ways to lose weight, you may not know the honey diet.   Honey is rich in fructose, and fructose itself has a good laxative effect.   As long as you take in 50 …

4 most popular folk remedies for weight loss

In recent years,   losing weight   has become a topic of concern to many people, and there are many ways to lose weight, and folk remedies are one of them.   So, what are the most powerful weight loss recipes? 1.   Celery   tea…

Loofah Folk prescription

Loofah is also known as loofah tendon, loofah cloth, tianluo tendon, loofah net and so on.   Nature and flavor are sweet, flat.   Return lung, stomach, liver channel.   It has the effects of dredging the meridian and activating…

The efficacy and role of loofah pulp

The loofah pulp is the vascular bundle of the dried and mature fruit of the Cucurbitaceae plant loofah.   Mainly produced in Jiangsu and Zhejiang.   According to traditional medicine, loofah pulp is sweet and flat in nature, an…

400 home remedies and secret recipes for various diseases (below)

Folk   remedies   and secret recipes are only for Chinese medicine study and research, patients and friends should not use them indiscriminately! Disease Name:   Pneumonia   Asthma Prescription Treatment: Cai Huali Experience P…

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